The Magical Empath

taught by Danny Picard
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Course description

In this unique educational experience taught by Danny Picard, you will find yourself guided in an easy journey of understanding the ways of an empath. Many people who are energetically sensitive are prone to anxiety, depression, Empaths take on and feel other people's pain and emotions. This course is designed from Danny Picard's one of a kind coaching program to help empower empaths to rise up.  This is will help you own how magical life can be. This curriculum is the beginning of several courses that will be available to you to help you become the epic human you know you can be. This class  includes video discussion, meditation instruction, downloadable meditations and hypnotherapy sessions as well as written content on many different topics all pertaining to energetic sensitivity. This experience will energetically help you access your potential. 

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Danny Picard
Danny Picard
Intuitive Life Coach and Empath Specialist, Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master, Master Metatronia Therapist, and Certified Hypnotherapist

Danny G. Picard is an Intuitive Empath and Certified Hypnotherapist with National Guild of Hypnotists. His constant curiosity of "how life works" has progressed into many healing modalities. He received his Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mastery in 2005 and has been working with Reiki since 1999. Danny became Master Metatronia Therapist and Official MT Workshop Facilitator in 2013. Danny teaches groups and individuals higher vibrational forms of energy medicine beyond Usui Reiki Mastery. Danny has a certification as a Holistic Massage Therapist through Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts. He has studied and practiced meditation since he was 17 years old. Incorporating meditation into all of his practices and workshops is very important to him. Time to let go of limiting beliefs time to thrive. He is a Metaphysician, Activist, Multidimentional Healer, Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach and Founder of a community spiritual development center and energy medicine school in Portland, Or.. He works within the high dimensional frequencies of the angelic realm and helps guide people to their soul mission and soul purpose.

Danny Picard is located in Portland Oregon and works with clients and students nationwide and internationally.

For inquiry about coaching, please email

of call (510) 590-8185